Website Development Service

Project Initiation

This is the first step wherein we allocate resources and document the process.


This is an important step wherein the whole plan is visualized and a lot of research is done on the products/services and the competitors.


This step involves the finalizing of layout and design of the website and getting client approval. Then the HTML code is developed and the CMS development is done through php/wordpress/jhoomla etc.

Beta Launch

The webpage is tested through a set of sample audience.


Here, we check the quality of the website and fix any issues or bugs. The compatibility of the website in various browsers and mobile devices is checked.

Final Launch

This marks the last phase of web development. After the launch, the codes are transferred to the internal team and our team would help in the maintenance of the site for specified time duration.

Our Objective

We develop engaging and concise content with good aesthetics and visual appeal. The content is ensured to be clutter free and simple. We understand the company and its customer base and develop website to target the right audience. Our designs are device-friendly and have user-friendly integration.