Search Engine Marketing(SEM Service)

Organic SEO

We offer ethical search engine optimization by cross-linking, ad postings with long tails and short tailed keywords, newsletters, articles posting, logical keyword grouping etc.

Paid SEO

It includes Pay per Click, Cost Per Click and Paid Inclusions and CPM or Cost per thousand impressions. A thorough analysis is done on the popular keywords and bid on as part of pay per click.

SMM or Search Media Marketing

With this, we help you in building your brand image in social networking forums to increase relevant and targeted traffic to your website.

Keyword research

Here, we search for popular keywords and search terms relevant to your business which will target your potential customers. We also do a careful analysis of the search perception of the users on the brand using the keywords and find the search intent of a particular keyword

Analytical Tools

Google analytics and adwords help in determining the relevance of internet traffic and the effectiveness of SEM.