CMS is a software technology which helps in managing web content. It ideally consists of two parts- the Content Management System and the Content Delivery Application. The CMS allows any modifications, deletions and addition of content and does not require the user to have software knowledge.

The traditional HTML page does not provide flexibility to modify content and becomes outdated after a while. We use CDA in the compilation of information to update the website.

Our objectives

  • We help you in creating or remodeling your website to accommodate new advancements and changes. With this, we help in streamlining the authoring process and the turnaround time for new pages becomes faster.
  • The site navigation process is made consistent and improved to a great extent.
  • Security in payment gateways is increased.
  • We have a dedicated team to ensure smooth transition of the CMS process.

Fluid process of CMS

We have a seamless and fluid process of CMS with regular evaluation of progress and results. The end result is a well managed and search friendly website which can be modified at frequent intervals. Our team of experts specializes in working with latest technologies like Jhoomla, Magento and wordpress.

We help in

  • Creating Template and integrating theme
  • Managing Content and plug ins
  • Publishing content
  • Presentation of content
  • Maintenance and support
  • Establishing archive of old contents
  • Evaluation
  • Providing a SEO friendly site which targets relevant web traffic
  • Managing digital rights