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How to make a smart landing page Lead on Facebook Ads

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So, let’s find out what should be there to create a stunning landing page
  1. Landing page should have only one goal— Every item on the page should contribute to only one specific goal. Trying to accomplish more than one things on a landing page, may lead to lower conversion rate.
  2. Only ask for the information necessary– If you only need their email address, don’t ask for the first name. If you need their phone number but not address, just ask for the phone number. The more fields you include on a landing page, the more cognitive friction you create and the lower your conversion rate will be.
  3. Implement a single call to action on the page- If you want visitors to enter their email address in exchange for a free report, only ask them to enter their email. Don’t try to get them to also click on a link.
  4. Simplify your copy- Make sure you’re using headers, bullets, and plenty of white space. Generally speaking, your copy should be easily skimmable and without large blocks of text.
  5. Keep all important information on the top– The visitor might not scroll down to see important information at the bottom of the page, so include priority content at the top.
  6. When designing your landing pages, always focus your visitors on the prize: lead generation. Eliminate anything that runs counter to that goal. By designing more focused landing pages, you will be able to generate more leads with the same traffic, effectively cutting your cost per lead.