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Keyword Research for Ongoing PPC Marketing Results

WebTech Search Group continuously monitors keyword performance during Pay Per Click campaigns management. This way we’ll know when it’s time to:

  1. Add fresh keywords. As you add new products, services and content, fresh keywords will expand your reach. Continuous keyword research also highlights new, valuable keywords as the campaign progresses.
  2. Add negative keywords. By adding these words to the campaign, we target your desired audience more precisely and get more bang for your buck. Non-converting keywords only waste your money.
  3. Remove under performing keywords. We routinely weed out keywords that aren’t a good return on your investment, either because they’re expensive or not resulting in conversions.
  4. Split ad groups. This strategy can improve your click-through rate and quality score by grouping ads such that they target specific landing pages and ad text.
  5. Refine website content. Fresh, optimized content with excellent readability will boost your landing pages. We may also recommend that you individualize them to match the most valuable search queries.