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Advanced Google Adwords Features to Enhance your Pay Per Click

Google Adwords is a highly effective marketing channel for brands to engage with the customer.

Google Adwords has undergone a myriad of changes in the past 12 months, some cosmetic and some functional giving it a new intuitive look and feel that makes it even easier for the marketers to manage marketing campaigns.

The bid-based pay-per-click model has revolutionized the advertising industry already but beneath this simple looking procedure lies a highly sophisticated technology. In this article, we will take up five advance features that can help you gain the vital competitive advantage.

1. Demographic targeting

Demographic targeting includes various parameters such as gender, age, location, languages, and many more. Analyzing these factors will help to know more about the audience more specifically. As part of Google’s ongoing shift from a keyword focus to a customer-centric approach, demographic targeting has improved very significantly in recent times.

This feature now allows advertisers to target customers by income and parental status. However, targeting by income is only available for video advertising and is restricted to the U.S., Japan, Australia, and New Zealand for the moment. Nonetheless, this is a noteworthy update and provides an advanced feature that many brands will welcome and will be extremely useful for those brands whose customer are located in those countries.

It’s not perfect yet and has some drawbacks in practice, as creating audiences can be quite labor-intensive when combining different filters. Nonetheless, demographic targeting is improving and will be an area of focus for Google this year.

2. Click-to-call

As a result of increase in searches on mobile phones, marketers have been exploiting this facility in Google PPC which is catching up really fast so much so that it is the next big game-changer. In order to interact directly with the customer on mobile phone, you can implement this essential feature in PPC Campaigns.

Click-to-call can be an exceptional opportunity if you are looking to exploit the call option on mobile phones, but it requires a little bit of setup. If advertisers want to add call extensions, report specifically on this activity, and even schedule when these extensions appear, it is necessary to do this manually within AdWords.

3. Optimized ad rotation

Ad rotation feature allows displaying most relevant ads on the top according to the requirement or analysis of searches from target audiences. Marketers can use the attributes through which they analyze the trends and utilize ad groups according to the stats. This automated feature will display ads more conveniently that are performing well throughout the campaign period.

The rotation process can be altered or modified using the time intervals, keyword planning and trend analysis tools of the Adwords. The top-performing ads will be displayed on top as per the preferences and marketing needs.

4. Custom intent audiences

The launch of more granular custom intent audiences with the Google Display Network is part of a wider strategy to take on the likes of Facebook by providing greater control over target audiences.

For Display campaigns, you can create a custom intent audience using in-market keywords – simply entering keywords and URLs related to products and services your ideal audience is researching across sites and apps.

i.) In-market keywords (Display campaigns)

Enter keywords, URLs, apps or YouTube content to reach an online audience that’s actively researching a related product or service. It’s best practice to add keywords and URLs (ideally 15 total) that fit a common theme to help AdWords understand your ideal audience. Avoid entering URLs that require people to sign in, such as social media or email services. Include keywords related to the products and services that this audience is researching; these will be used as the focal point for building the custom intent audience.

ii.) Custom intent audiences: Auto-created (Display campaigns)

To make finding the right people easy, Google uses machine learning technology to analyse your existing campaigns and auto-create custom intent audiences. These audiences are based on the most common keywords and URLs found in content that people browse while researching a given product or service.

For example, insights from existing campaigns may show that people who’ve visited a sporting goods website have also actively researched all-weather running shoes. AdWords may then auto-create a new ‘waterproof trail running shoes’ custom intent audience to simplify the process of reaching this niche segment of customers.

5. Smart bidding

Keyword bidding is one of the major procedures through which you categorize the phrases that are trending and matching the services of your business. For a better analysis of keyword bidding strategies, you can use this feature to improve the performance of your ads through Adwords auction.

The bids can be customized according to your PPC strategy so that there will be higher conversions for your investment. Smart bidding allows managing your Adwords account more conveniently using several tools and features. Based on that, there will be lot better outcomes for your PPC Management Services.