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5 Benefits of Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of digital marketing where advertisers pay each time one of their ads are clicked. Essentially, it is the paid form of generating traffic to your website.

5 Benefits of Pay Per Click Services

1. First Page Exposure

SEO is an organic process that takes months to accomplish the top position. With the PPC model of advertising, results are almost immediate. As PPC involves paying for your position, you are automatically going to be listed before some organic listings and if done correctly PPC can get you the top spot, which according to Google means your consumers are 41% more likely to click on your ad.

2. Measurable Results

One of the best benefits of PPC is everything you do has a clear measurable target. You can monitor everything related to a PPC campaign. Whether it’s cost, spend, ROI, views, clicks and more. You have the freedom to customize metrics to each campaign and monitor the success based on your goals.

3. Targeted Traffic

This method of digital marketing gives complete control to target your advertising efforts. With PPC you are able to closely monitor things like, what keywords did and did not get clicks or lead to conversions. Search engines (like Google) want users to click on your ads so they’ll serve them to consumers who are most likely to click on them. And with a PPC strategy in place you are able to methodically plan who your ads show to, in specific geographic areas, even time of day your ads will run.

4. Drives Traffic to your Website

Targeted PPC campaigns are able to drive relevant traffic to your website. Your ads will be showing to users who are looking for your products and services which means they will be more likely to convert.

5. Remarketing

Remarketing is an excellent technique which allows advertisers to show ads to users who previously visited your website but didn’t make a purchase or sign up for your newsletter. It enables you to follow users and show relevant ads to drive conversions – so if you had a consumer that put an item in their shopping cart but did not make a purchase you are able to show them ads that will entice them to in fact complete that purchase.