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5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

With more than three billion people using social media every single day, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your brand or client’s social media activities.

But this can be tricky when social media keeps changing. There are also a ton of new trends that affect how users engage on these platforms. Each of these changes has been a catalyst for businesses to adjust their boost your social media marketing strategies and tactics.

In order to stay competitive, you need to adjust your strategy as well. Here are 5 tactics to boost your social media marketing strategy needs in 2019.

Target true engagement

With organic reach declining and more businesses upping their social ad spend, content needs to be truly interesting and engaging so that followers, and wider audiences, can’t help but get involved. Whether that’s irreverent conversation in the style or creating an artistic vertical video for Facebook, it’s more important than ever to find the voice and the stories that work for you.

Work with micro-influencers

On the theme of true engagement, it’s no surprise that micro-influencers continue to win ground over their more celebrity-like counterparts. Aside from budget benefits, in that micro-influencers often work on a gifting basis or simply have much lower fees than the big names, research continues to show that their audiences are more highly engaged and can be more niche-specific than all-singing, all-dancing social media stars.

Get rid of fake followers

On the theme of genuine engagement and influencer marketing, it would be wrong not to address the issue of fake social followers that really gained momentum throughout 2018. Fake and spam accounts have been around since the dawn of social media, but now it’s increasingly common to find so-called “influencer” profiles with millions of followers, where the reality isn’t quite what it seems.

2019 is already shaping up to be the year that fake followers are public enemy number one, with sites like Instagram and Facebook announcing their plans to stamp out fraudulent activity once and for all.

Make your social profile shoppable

Shoppable social has already made waves, from Pinterest’s buyable pins to the Checkout on Instagram. But there have been some major upgrades over the past year, and the path from social app to checkout page is now clearer and shorter than ever.

Investing in shoppable social adverts where relevant. Test out Facebook offer ads or selling on Instagram to see which platform and CTAs work best for your audience. Also, make sure to adjust your PPC strategies and targets to account for the shift.

Test out augmented reality ads

AR is making waves in customer experience already, used in apps that help customers try on sunglasses and makeup, or imagine what a paint color might look like on their living room wall. Facebook has already been testing AR-ready advertising, which allows users to tap a product ad and try the item out without ever leaving their newsfeed. But Snapchat has long led the way, offering brands the chance to target consumers with branded selfie filters and stickers.

Augmented Reality has been hailed by some as the future of digital marketing, though the impact it will have will (at least for a while) depend on your industry. Beauty and fashion brands are naturally the early adopters, with NYX, Sephora, and Michael Kors already testing out the new Facebook function.